Thotal podcasts - samtalsserier på webben med Henrik Thorson


This is the podcast about IP rights in the Scandinavian / Nordic countries. Some of the interviews are in English, some in Swedish.

Please find episodes 3 to 8 on the page about the IPR Summerschool 2019 in Helsinki. (Ep. 9 is temporary off-line.)

IPRadio ep. 11

Kati Uusi-Rauva, AGMA and growing the creative…

AGMA ry is the organization for managers and agents of creative industries in Finland and Kati Uusi-Rauva talks about her own background in making the creative field work and grow and also gives some tips concerning brand licensing. AGMA is celebrating 10 successful years in 2019. Kati also has an important role in the project Creative Finland.

Talking to Henrik Thorson

IPRadio ep. 10

Helsinki IP Summit & Robot or Human – does it matter?

In this episode we meet Auri Vainio, manager at IPR University Center. She talks about the upcoming IP Summit in Helsinki in Oktober 2019. Among other fine guests a real IP-headhunter, Jacob Williamson at Adamson & Partners, UK will give advice to future IP-lawyers.

In the second interview you will hear the new lawyer Daniel Holmdahl talk about his prize-winning thesis ”Robot or Human – does it matter?”. Daniel has been a student at Lund University and now works for a major law firm in Malmö, Sweden. The thesis (in Swedish) got an award for best thesis of the year from the Swedish Copyright Association in 2019 and examines the need of protection for artificially created works. This episode is in English. Producer Henrik Thorson.

Find everything about Helsinki IP Summit here.

Download Daniels essay (in Swedish) here.

IPRadio ep. 2

Rosa Baldarini

Rosa Maria Ballardini is a Senior Lecturer in Intellectual Property law at the University of Lapland/Faculty of Law.

She was awarded the title of Docent of intellectual property law at the University of Helsinki (Finland) in 2017, the Ph.D. degree at Hanken School of Economics (Finland) in 2012, the LL.M. degree at the University of Edinburgh (Scotland) in 2005, and the law degree at the University of Brescia (Italy) in 2003. Since 2005 she has researched and thought in the field of IP law at various universities. Rosa’s research interests focus on the interface between law (with focus on IP law) and technology. She has written extensively especially in the fields of patent and copyright law, open innovation and open source, as well as IP strategies and IP management in various technological contexts (e.g. software, 3D printing, Artificial Intelligence and Industrial Internet). Her research approach is multidisciplinary, combining law, technology, business and policy via using different types of methodologies (e.g. traditional legal research methods, empirical methods, as well as design thinking to law).

IPRadio ep. 1

Herkko Hietanen

Herkko Hietanen runs his own law firm ( and has developed legal tech services for over a decade. His PhD dissertation analysed the intersection of design, law and technology. Few of the services Herkko has developed have received awards but most of them have failed spectacularly. Yet Herkko is among the few lawyers who can say that their legal tech has served thousands of paying customers for years.

(The texts on this page are produced by Legal Tech Lab in Helsinki. Image of Herkko: Vilhelm Sjöström