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Welcome to Thotal Media Podcasts. Om this page (scroll down) you will find audioclips from the 2019 Summer School in Helsinki.

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IPR Summer School 2019. Soundclips from the events.

Here you can find a collection of podcasts from the IPR Summer School in Helsinki 2019 with short interviews with some of the participants from the different seminars concerning intellectual property rights. The clips are produced in collaboration with IPR University Center in Helsinki by Henrik Thorson (ThotalMedia). The interviews will later be part of IPRadio or ImmaterialRadion, a podcast covering the Nordic IP field (read more about IPRadio here).

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IPR University Center in Helsinki, Finland

Market Court of Finland


In this clip you can listen to Judge Anne Ekblom-Wörlund of the Market Court of Finland and attorney-at-law and partner Markku Tuominen, Roschier, Helsinki, talking about the Finnish system with the special court for IP cases. Hosted by Henrik Thorson.

Ep. 3 Is there a Nordic IP cooperation today?

A short discussion about the existence of Nordic IP recorded after the seminar at the IPR Summer School on the 5th of June 2019 with LL. D Johan Axham, Lund University, Professor Niklas Bruun, Hanken, Helsinki and Docent Max Oker-Blom, Hanken, Helsinki. Hosted by Henrik Thorson.

Ep. 4 Connecting the IP field


Auri Vainio at the IPR University Center in Helsinki is cooridnator of the IPR Summer School 2019. Hosted by Henrik Thorson.


Ep. 5 Is Nokia still connecting people? Meet Eeva Hakoranta, Senior Vice President of Nokia

Eeva Hakoranta is senior vice president and general counsel of Nokia Technologies. We talk to her about if there is a difference between contract law and licensing. Is IP (Intellectual Property) expanding today? She is one of the best…so listen to her advice for young law students entering the IP law field. Also: why is Nokia one of the few firms contributing to open standard? And is Nokia still connection people? Hosted by Henrik Thorson.


Ep. 6 IP is about resolving conflicts: Joe Siino on the best way to handle intellectual property

Joseph Siino is CEO of Via Licensing Corporation in San Francisco and was the keynote speaker at the Advanced Licensing Academy 2019. He talks about the changed prerequisites for patent in the US and how IP can work well in times of economic difficulties and be a way to form collaboration. Don´t miss his tips for young lawyers wanting to work with IP. (As a bonus, he talks well of Petaluma, where the host, Henrik Thorson once graduated from High School…)


Ep. 7 To license an Angry Bird: Robert Hagelstam from Rovio

Robert Hagelstam is Senior Legal Counsel at Rovio Entertainment Corporation, one of the three biggest licensing firms in the Nordic countries (the others are Moomin and Lego). He describes his work as a mix of kindergarten teacher and marriage counselor, and he stresses the ability to listen to people in the role of legal counsel and IP lawyer. Hosted by Henrik Thorson.

Ep. 8 Wrap up 2019: a moment with the moderator

Roberto Castagno, Head of IP Services, TECH, Nokia Technologies, was the moderator at the Advanced Licensing Academy 2019 and he gives his impressions of the conference. He also brings up what he talked about in the opening speech: what questions you should be prepared to answer when you promote your start up and the danger that a lot of people in business thinks “trouble is coming” when the IP-lawyer enters. Instead IP should be seen as a tool for making the the value of a company visble. Also, Roberto has the view that no one should get a degree in economics or engineering without knowing how the IP-system works… Hosted by Henrik Thorson.

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